Lacey Little

First Impressions

There`s a great image on the Lacey Little tour page that shows her in a t-shirt that says Click Here to See Me Naked. You move your mouse over the picture and it changes to a shot where she has lifted her shirt over her titties. It`s brilliant and she has these delicious little breasts so it makes the prospect of dipping into her site even more arousing. There`s a tour video that gets the action going and then there are pictures from what I assume are her most popular updates. The shot of her eating pussy while a dick slides into it is pretty enticing.

Hot Promises

Lacey Little is 18 years old and blessed with a tight body. She comes with a sweet smile and innocent eyes and on her site she promises to be the teen girl next door, to play with dildos, to eat pussy, to suck cock and to get naked. She also details the most recent updates and the total number of images and videos inside so you know exactly what you`re getting when you join. They detail the bonus sites that are a part of your membership at the bottom of the page and they look like an absolute treat.


The member`s area is well designed and fairly easy to use. There`s a space near the top of the main page to tell you about the most recent additions but there are no links to the actual content, which seems like an oversight. Then there are links to the picture and videos pages along with the guest model page where you can see free galleries from other chicks around the web. At the bottom of that tasty main page you`ll see all the bonus sites that are yours to access just for signing up. The lovely Lacey Little is happy to have you as a friend and member.

Right away I can spot one of the site`s significant flaws. The best solo babe sites are the ones that give you some contact with the girl. They do it with webcam shows, forums, blogposts and personal email addresses. Some sites eschew all of that and just give you a short biography or profile so you feel some connection with the model. That kind of thing is important when you`re trying to fall in lust with a girl. At Lacey Little you`re offered no such comforts. All you get is her age. Even if they had made something up it would have been better since you`d have never known the difference. The picture galleries and videos are displayed 20 to a page with a thumbnail and a title for each. When browsing the image sets you`ll certainly be familiar with the thumbnailed gallery style they use, although their thumbnails are a little too small for my taste. It can be difficult to see what`s in the picture without getting absurdly close up. The full size images display at 1200px and look marvelous thanks to a skilled photographer. I`m saddened to report that they do not have zip files for you to download. The videos play at 640x480 and 2400kbps and look crystal clear for the most part. They`re professionally done and it shows.

Right now there are 58 picture sets and 60 movies. Every week features a new update of each and they features the same outfit and setting. I was pleased to see that she avoided giving you filmed versions of her photo shoots, which would have made the videos almost worthless (is anything worse than a filmed photo shoot`). Instead the picture galleries seem to be shot separately because when she`s on video Lacey Little is dancing, stripping and playing with her pussy as if you`re the only one she wants to entertain.

If you open your eyes wide to the possibilities of entertainment this young lady certainly won`t let you down. She will instead lift you up and turn you on. First there are the lingerie sets. She has lots of arousing lacy stuff she can put on to blow your mind and she doesn`t hesitate to pull it out. She wears sexy slips and beautiful baby dolls. She wears satin and lace. She wears thongs and bras. She looks good too and in those solo lingerie videos she has the moves it takes to turn a man on. The young model will flash her gorgeous pussy at will and she absolutely loves to see you throb.

There are plenty of other outfits brought out too. You`ll see costumes ` the different schoolgirl looks are my favorite ` and you`ll see t-shirts, skirts and tight tops. In all the solo sets she will show her fresh pussy and play with it but that`s just a part of what Lacey little does. She also invites other girls to play with her. They do sets that include kissing, tit sucking, dildo play, pussy eating and hot orgasms. She is not one of those teenage girls that teases you with lesbian sex. She just jumps right in to eat teen pussy and to show hers off to the world.

The hardcore sex that`s teased on the tour plays a small part in the member`s area. The most memorable scene is the threesome where Lacey Little and her teenage friend get fucked by a dude. That picture they show where she`s eating pussy while the guy fucks it doggy style is stunning. In another set the pretty chick dresses up in a red latex nurse`s uniform and gives head to a man that desperately needs relief. She is quite the tasty slut trying to get him off so good. Lacey Little does solo modeling of hot outfits and her young pussy, sexy teen lesbian porn and hot teen hardcore with well hung guys.

She has plenty of content to entertain you for a month but you might get bored after those first 30 days have passed. If that`s the case then you should check out the bonus sites. There are nine of them and they bear beautiful fruit. Five are built around solo chicks and they`re almost all into hardcore sex and lesbian sex so it`s wildly entertaining. There are two sites featuring mixed lesbian sex, one with masturbation and dirty talk and one with big tit play. All are exceptionally arousing and rewarding.

Croco’s Opinion

Lacey Little is a tight bodied piece of teen ass and her site delivers a memorable sexual experience. As a member you can watch her and her friends fool around. In her solo scenes she models lingerie and other hot outfits while you look on. In her lesbian scenes she eats teen pussy with great lust. In her hardcore scenes she gets fucked and sucks dick. She does it all like a teen slut should and she never leaves anyone disappointed. There are nine bonus sites that provide even more content and when you add it all up you have a whale of a site that should give you more than enough porn to be thrilled about. The downside is you don`t get any personal information about Lacey so you can`t make that tenuous but delicious connection that makes these kinds of sites better.


They provide no information about the videos outside of one small thumbnail. That needs work. Everything else is good.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95 for the first 30 days and $29.95 for every 30 days after that.

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